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Our Medical Director

Dr. Ramsha Tanwir, our Medical Director, is a board-certified podiatrist with extensive training in surgical and non-surgical management of foot and ankle disorders. Her academic journey includes a doctorate in podiatric medicine from Dr. William M. Scholl College at Rosalind Franklin University and surgical training at Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL.

Expertise & Specialties

Specializing in a wide range of foot and ankle conditions, Dr. Tanwir possesses adept knowledge in sports medicine, tendonitis, fractures, heel pain, bunions, hammertoes, nerve pain, wound care, ingrown toenails, and warts. She employs an integrated approach to design individualized treatment plans, which include topicals, destruction of lesions, surgical excisions, injections (PRP, steroid injections), and custom orthotics.

Philosophy & Interests

Driven by a patient-centric philosophy, Dr. Tanwir is deeply committed to her patients’ well-being. She channels this dedication into creating custom treatment plans, prioritizing the preservation of healthy, active feet that align with each individual’s health goals and lifestyle preferences. Away from the clinic, she nurtures a love for travel, cooking, painting, and spending quality time with her friends and family.

Our Mission

At Illinois Podiatry Specialists, our mission is to offer advanced, compassionate, and personalized foot and ankle care. We are dedicated to using a combination of modern techniques and proven treatments to manage various conditions effectively. By prioritizing patient comfort and understanding their unique needs, we aim to enhance their quality of life and ensure their return to active, healthy living with minimal disruption to their daily activities.

Our Values

At Illinois Podiatry Specialists, we value patient wellness, respect, and integrity. We believe in prioritizing our patients’ health and well-being, delivering high-quality, individualized care in a respectful and empathetic manner. Our commitment to integrity shapes our practice, ensuring transparency and honesty in all our interactions. By fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment, we aim to build strong, lasting relationships with our patients, promoting their comfort and trust.

Dr. Tanwir’s profound dedication to her patients is a result of a rich tapestry of experiences that have shaped her into the compassionate and committed doctor she is today. Hailing from the picturesque Chicago suburbs, she embarked on her educational journey at Loyola University, where she nurtured the seeds of her passion for healthcare. Her pursuit of excellence led her to Rosalind Franklin University, specifically the esteemed Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine in North Chicago, where she honed her skills and knowledge.

Dr. Tanwir’s commitment to community shines through her involvement in volunteer work, such as the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, a testament to her selflessness and dedication to the well-being of those around her. She is a loving spouse and parent to a boy and a girl, embodying her belief in the importance of family bonds. Nestled in the suburbs of Chicago, she remains intricately woven into the community’s fabric through various outreach programs, mirroring her deep-rooted desire to give back.

With an unwavering focus on serving the Chicagoland community, Dr. Tanwir places the well-being of her patients at the forefront of her medical journey. Her patient-centric approach is underpinned by the meaningful, enduring relationships she forges with each individual, taking the time to truly understand their unique lifestyles and needs. Beyond her medical calling, Dr. Tanwir finds solace and inspiration in artistic pursuits such as painting, complemented by her love for the great outdoors through hiking and travel. These passions, coupled with her devotion to spending quality time with loved ones, illustrate the multifaceted nature of a doctor whose heart knows no bounds in the quest to heal and uplift.

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