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What Is KeryFlex?

KeryFlex is an advanced nail restoration system that addresses damaged or unsightly nails. It is a painless, in-office procedure that involves the application of a flexible and durable composite resin to the affected nails. This innovative system allows us to remodel nails impacted by fungus, defects, or trauma. The resulting non-porous nail is resistant to acetone, nail polishes, and detergents, providing an immediate cosmetic improvement and a natural-looking appearance. KeryFlex restores the beauty and functionality of the nails.

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Conditions Treated:

  • Fungal infection of the nails
  • Nail deformities caused by injury
  • Nails with a concave or spoon-like shape
  • Nails that are brittle and prone to splitting
  • Nails with horizontal ridges or grooves

The Benefits:

  • Offers an alternative for individuals with damaged toenails
  • Provides immediate and remarkable cosmetic enhancement after just one visit
  • Provides a completely natural look and feel
  • Allows for aesthetically pleasing nails during most antifungal treatment plans
  • Compatible with human tissue, avoiding irritation or further damage
  • Supports natural nail growth
  • Non-porous, preventing moisture from seeping between the natural and prosthetic nail
  • Resistant to the effects of acetone, nail polishes, and detergents
  • Available in two colors: natural and opaque

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The Components:

  • KeryFlex Bonding Agent: Enhances the adhesion of the KeryFlex Resin to the natural nail, ensuring a strong and durable bond.
  • KeryFlex Resin: A lightweight, medical-grade gel applied to the nail, allowing for building up, sculpting, and contouring to achieve the desired shape and appearance.
  • KeryFlex Sealant: A UV curing top coat that seals the nail, creating a non-porous and non-permeable barrier, providing protection and enhancing the longevity of the restoration.

KeryFlex vs. Acrylic Nails

KeryFlex is a superior alternative to traditional acrylic nails for nail restoration. Unlike acrylic nails, which are rigid and can cause damage to the nail bed, KeryFlex is designed to be flexible and bend with the natural movement of the toes. This flexibility reduces the risk of damage to the nail and underlying tissue.

Furthermore, KeryFlex nail restoration in Hinsdale and Glendale Heights is applied without strong acids that can irritate the nail bed. It is non-porous, preventing moisture from seeping between the natural and prosthetic nails, which can help maintain a healthier environment for the nail. KeryFlex’s medical-grade resin contains the antifungal ingredient Piroctone, providing an added benefit for individuals with fungal infections.


  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • Arterial insufficiency
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Suspicious pigmented lesions on the nail
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Pregnancy or nursing

Known sensitivity or allergy to any of the KeryFlex ingredients
KeryFlex Nail Restoration may not be suitable for everyone due to these contraindications. If you have any of the mentioned conditions or concerns, it is recommended to consult with your foot care provider to determine if KeryFlex is appropriate for you. They will assess your situation and provide guidance on the best course of action for restoring the appearance of your nails.

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How It Works

KeryFlex is an advanced procedure that utilizes a resin material and a specialized light to restore and enhance the appearance of damaged nails. Comparable to the process of a dentist bonding a tooth, the resin is applied to the nail and cured with light, creating a strong bond between the material and the nail. This allows us to shape and refine the nail for a natural-looking result. The entire process for nail restoration in Hinsdale and Glendale Heights can typically be completed in just one visit, providing immediate and long-lasting aesthetic improvements.

The Process

To initiate the KeryFlex process, your foot care provider will trim and file down the damaged nail, ensuring the optimal surface for application. This can involve using a nail clipper and an electronic file to remove excess nail material. Once the nail is appropriately prepared, the restoration procedure commences. A bonding agent is applied to optimize the adhesion of the KeryFlex Resin, which is carefully layered onto the nail. The resin material is subsequently hardened using ultraviolet light, creating a strong and durable bond.

Next, your foot care provider will shape, mold, and file the KeryFlex-restored nail to achieve the desired appearance, smoothing any imperfections. To finalize the process, a sealant is applied and cured with the light, ensuring a non-porous and non-permeable surface. The procedure takes 30 minutes or less, although the duration may vary depending on the condition of the nail and the number of nails requiring restoration. Restoring the appearance of your nails with KeryFlex nail restoration in Hinsdale and Glendale Heights is a straightforward and efficient process.

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